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Used Church Organs listed as for sale by owners on this site

  • Used Church Organs listed as for sale by owner are listed here as a service
  • We derive no monetary compensation for these listings
  • All interested buyers can use the provided links to contact the sellers directly by e-mail

To list a used Rodgers organ please provide the following

  • The Rodgers organ model and serial number - We will provide a link to a PDF copy of the original product brochure
  • Your name, email address, mailing address and phone number for our reference - We will provide a link to your email address but not other personal information with the listing
  • Any information that you feel might be helpful to a site visitor
  • Any digital pictures that you have that might be helpful to a site visitor
  • We do not list a price so that individuals listing a used organ for sale can be flexible over time as inquiries occur
  • We list non-Rodgers organs on a case-by-case basis - feel free to contact us
  • Click here to request post to this site

We focus only on Church Organs with 32 note AGO standard pedalboards

  • We do not handle home organs nor are we interested in listing home organs on this site
  • In the Denver area we recommend contacting Music City for individuals interested in buying or selling a used home organ
  • See our Links Page for more information
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