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Main Features of Rodgers Pipe Interface System

  • Rodgers consoles can easily replace existing pipe organ consoles
  • Real organ pipes can be added to a Rodgers organ at any time
  • Rodgers is the leader in digital and pipe combination instruments

Rodgers Pipe Organ Console Replacements

  • The cost is generally lower than a custom rebuild of the existing pipe organ console
  • The tonal resources of the pipe organ are expanded with stereo imaged pipe organ sounds
  • Rodgers provides the most advanced control facility available for a pipe instrument

Download the Rodgers Hybrid Organs Brochure (397 KB)

Helpful Pictures

In this picture:

  • Silver Box on top - Rodgers Pipe Interface Controller
  • Black Box on bottom - Rodgers S-800 eight channel audio amplifier
  • Speaker - Rodgers FR1.7LXa 3 way ported enclosure speaker
  • Pipes - Great division Bourdon

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