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Links below are to Rodgers Web Site with detailed specifications

Rodgers Classic Series Two Manual Church Organs

Additional information both models

  • Built to AGO specifications
  • LED lighted tab controls.
  • 27 main stops
  • 81 additional Voice Palette voices accessible from main stops
  • 92 additional customizable pipe organ voices from user stops
  • 32 orchestral voices
  • Chimes
  • 6 MIDI couplers for use with external sound modules
  • Hymn Player with 350 hymn selections
  • Onboard MIDI sequencing record and playback system
  • USB storage for registrations and recorded performances
  • Headphone jack, Rodgers RSS room modeling and transposing standard
  • 10 General pistons, 5 Divisional pistons for each the Swell and Great, 20 memory levels
  • Velocity sensitive, self-adjusting contacts in pedalboard

Additional information on the 569 model

  • Two expression pedals (one can be converted to a crescendo pedal)
  • Lighted music desk
  • Five configurable toe studs

Additional information




The entry level 559 is shown.  To see the image of the 569 model mouse over the link above.

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